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This place is born like all love stories: the one between a man and his land, his sea!

In the '70s my grandfather, an "old-fashioned" man, who never put his nose out of his house, decided to chase a dream, flashed in his mind maybe any day, leaving a challenge as a sign!

There were the economic boom years in Italy, everything grew and transformed, everything embellished and modified, so: a pine forest, lying on the edge of the Ionian sea, has become a campsite.

It was a time without technologies, in a land rich only of itself, a false step could cost too much!

It was born like this, with some services, bar and restaurant together, a small supermarket... by green open spaces, a golden beach and the blue sea like the sky.

My grandmother still remembers the first caravan that crossed the gate and turned the dream of a stubborn but farsighted Calabrian man in a reality.

In the early '80s the first 'little houses' were built, the campsite grew, changed and the village took shape.

But the world, you know, changes quickly and you can’t stand still too long! So arrived the first villas, elegant and welcoming, able to satisfy lovers of comfort who don't want to give up contact with nature.

The mobile homes have completed the accommodations, allowing us to reduce the environmental impact and to protect the pine forest that remains, after 50 years of life, Thurium's beating heart.

Yes, after 50 years and 3 generations, we are still here to put our history, our seriousness and professionalism at your service. And because that dream does not stop being the reality of your holidays, we are always waiting for you here in Thurium!


 Fernanda Motta