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Cassano allo Jonio

The town is on the southern Ionian slopes of the Pollino range.  Sibari lies near on the coast and is within the jurisdiction of Cassano. Sibari has a  fascinating history dating back many centuries, especially to Roman times. The Castello Della Pietra is worth a visit as are the Torre Milone, the Cathedral, the Sanctuary della Madonna della Catena and the Sant’Antonio caves where traces of Neolithic man can be seen.

Visit: The Cathedral – The Diocesan Museum – The Church dei Cappuccini – the Castle – the Church of San Giuseppe.



On the banks of the River Sibari traces of the ancient town of Sybaris were found. This was a grandiose city belonging to Magna Grecia. The town reached its fame and was then destroyed by the people of Crotone in 510 AC. With Sibari the remains of Copia and Thurii were also destroyed.

It is important to visit the National Archaeological Museum of the Sibaritide and the excavations. Here there are artefacts which reveal the presence of the three different settlements: Sybaris, Thurium and Copia. It is still possible today to see where the three settlements lie one on top of the other. The area lies to the left of the River Crati and under the State Highway 106. Here you can visit the Parco del CAvallo and the Parco dei Tori. Sibari is also home to a modern spa complex and also  to Calabria’s largest port near the Laghi di Sibari village.

Visit: the Archaeological museum – the Archaeological excavations.