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Alba jazz

People of all ages wait impatiently for the first ray of sunshine that illuminates the night of Alba Jazz, a special evening, completely accompanied by night and jazz melodies. A fishing boat, a few meters from the shore of Schiavonea beach, welcomes a new day with music played by an orchestra. It’s an indescribable atmosphere that you have to live at least once!


Competition of Albanian wines

The South wines and in particular those of Cosenza's province also speak the Albanian language. Here, in the area where the community of Albanian origins is concentrated, which for over five centuries has been able to keep alive the link with its homeland, the trend of growth in wine quality has been confirmed in decades-long editions of the Albanian Wine Competition.

The event takes place in Vaccarizzo Albanese, around the middle of July, with the collaboration of the Ais Calabria's Sommelier.. Every year this event attracts the participation of hundreds of competing wines from producers of Santa Sofia d'Epiro, San Demetrio Corone, Plataci, Lungro, Acquaformosa, Firmo, Frascinetto, Spezzano Albanese, San Giorgio Albanese and of course Vaccarizzo.

Three wineries have been awarded the first prize reserved for the best by category: for the white wine, the wineries' wine of Annunziato Godino in Vaccarizzo Albanese, for the rosé wine, the winner was Fiorella Sprovieri of San Giorgio, instead for the category of red wines, the best wine was the one Pietro Godino's wineries in Vaccarizzo Albanese.

Of course, in addition to tasting and selling wine, many producers of local products bring their delicacies through the picturesque alleys of the albanian town. Various bands cheer the evening.



The Black Virgin's procession on the sea

Schiavonea, a small fishing village in Corigliano Calabro, celebrates on August 5th the Virgin of the snow. Popular tradition has it that on the night of 23 August 1648 a sentry received an apparition of the Blessed Virgin who declared to be the Virgin of Schiavonea.

This tradition, which consists in the maritime procession dedicated to the Virgin, is repeated every year on August 5th for four centuries now and attracts today not only devotees but also tourists and people who flock from neighboring countries to not miss the most awaited appointment by the community.




Clementina Bike

Bike tours in the fascinating territory of the Sibari Plain with Bicycles (Mountain Bike) assisted pedaling, holidays in freedom. Rent, tour, bike service.



Water Park Odiessa 2000

Water park at 22 km. Located on the beautiful Ionian coast of Calabria, for 20 years this oasis of entertainment and record numbers has no rival. It’s great for families. The park holds the 2014 Parkmania Award, the award for the best initiative in 2014 and 2008, the award for the park of the year




Adventure Park "Sibari Adventure"

One of the largest parks in Italy. There are 7 courses for adults and 2 for children. 1.5 km trek through the trees: Tibetan bridges, Chinese bridge, climbing plants of Tarzan, Tyrolean. The large cable called "IL Volo Della Cicogna" gives you chills along these 100 meters. The park is a pleasure for everyone. It is 5 km away.

facebook.com/pages/Parco Sibari Avventura/


Lao Rafting

In the Pollino National Park it is possible to live a total experience. There are various courses with qualified guides: soft rafting, rafting in the canyon, rafting all day, rafting for two days, canyoning. In this way you can immerse yourself in nature.




Skidive Calabria

First skydiving center born in Calabria. To appreciate from above the suggestive panoramic views given by the joint presence of the Ionian Sea and the mountain range of the Pollino National Park.